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Live Jam Room

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או בעברית...  חדר הריבה החיה

Directors: Rafael Mizrahi, Eyal Person Shachar, Roy Stoler


בחדר זה ניצור מוזיקה משותפת.
כולם מוזמנים: בעלי ניסיון בנגינה, ובמיוחד, חסרי הניסיון.
הכניסה חופשית לכל הכלים: אקוסטיים, דיגיטליים, עשר אצבעות, ואם ברשותך מחשב נייד, אדרבא, תוכל להצטרף אל מעגל הנגנים על ידי התחברות לרשת האודיו והמידי שנספק בנוסף לתוכנת Ableton Live ובנק דגימות וצלילים.


The Live Jam Room intends to establish and maintain an open platform where music activity from different areas can be presented in one context across institutional and professional boundaries, in an informal and progressive environment

In plain English: bring your musical instruments/Laptops to the room and join the “MuseNet sound system” band.


Room Schedule



prepare the room


Learn how to operate the software Ableton Live


Open Jam


After Jam the room will be available for short live

shows and collaborations: add your sessions here...






Here is an example of a Live Jam Room we created at the GarageGeeks: http://www.garagegeeks.org/blog/?p=63



Live Room equipment list (so we will not forget anything)



  • 1 DAW laptop with Ableton Live and more software
  • 1 DAW workstation with Pulsar card + Screen
  • Midi cables 5 meters
  • RCA Audio cables 5,10 meters
  • Connectors from RCA to mini PL
  • 4 x USB2MIDI
  • MIDI thru box
  • Behringer A2D converter
  • 5 Ableton Live demo CDs
  • 5 Various Samples CDs of drums, synths, voices, etc'
  • Tape, to stick the wires on the floor
  • Tape, to write names on equipment
  • Markers, to write names on equipment
  • AIWA mini-stereo with large speakers
  • PL cables
  • 2 microphones (mini PL)
  • MIDI Keyboard
  • Amplifier
  • 2 Sony speakers


  • 8x8 midi hub
  • At least 2 midi interfaces
  • 1 Laptop
  • At least one 8 in 8 out soundcard
  • Some midi cables
  • 2 sony cables ( 1/8" to 2 RCA)
  • As many RCA-PL adaptor as I can find, which is probably not a lot !
  • Some sample CD's


Roy Stoler

  • Mixer
  • Keyboard
  • sample CDs



Comments (2)

daniel davidovsky said

at 4:18 pm on May 27, 2008

hey, impressive !
from my experience on big electronic jams, there are some important things to take in mind:
1- enough tables/surfaces to put the gear on (this is always an issue!)
2- Big mixer board with enough i nputs for the participants
3- electronics can be cruel to the speakers, therefore, amplifiers and speakers should match the requirements, and a compressor/limiter should help to avoid "accidents" with the audio gear.
4- enough electricity holes for all (cables,"mefazlim" etc)

Some friends of mine and me, we did many times this kind of sessions (miklat 209, Levontin7 and Hateiva). The space is very important to create the right dynamics between the players.
If acoustic musicians will join to the jam we will need microphones, stands, xlr's and off course, free holes in the mixing board.

rafaelmizrahi said

at 1:56 pm on May 29, 2008

hey, daniel, thanks for the info.
The list is not finished. it will never will be :)
you are welcome to participate.

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