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הרשמה: הקלק EDIT (למעלה); הוסף את שמך ותחומי הענין שלך לטבלה, ואז לחץ Save.  תודה!

* צוות הליבה של מיוז.נט

Registration: click EDIT (above) to add your name and interests to the table, then press "Save". Thank you!

* the MuseNet core team

Name      (sortable) tag line Interested in...

Itay Talgam


Collaboration, music included

Uri Levanon


* Digital music distribution, new models, music & games, electronica

On Paradise


* sound

Rafael Mizrahi


* sharing experience, director of Live workshop

Dana Waksman

 Cellist, noise producer & reducer   

* Music, improvisation & free spirits

Eyal 'person' Shahar



Michal Rinott


Sonic Interaction Design     

Ayelet Yagil



Yossi Vardi



Michal Levy

in absentia :(


Ami Ben Basat



Eitan Shefer

Tech, music, design

new musical instruments and controlers, doing cool things with cool people, and, most importantly:  having fun.

Kobi Kai Calev


overtone-singing, haptic-poetry

Dror Gill

I'm in Beta

* Playing [with] Songs (Blog2Song, SongWiki, Text2Song)

Giori Politi 



Eliram Haklai


Visualizing music

Rami Guissin


Latin, african, ethnic. cuban, percussion

Ariel Shoham


 78 RPM materials

dani vardi 



Ariel Qassis



Gilly Dekel



Daniel Landau


narrative & sound

Daniel Davidovsky


electro-acoustic live (and sweat) improv system

Gershon Waiserfirer


free improvisation

Shani Hershko


Playing w/ any kind of musical instrument, toys and people

Yifat Turbiner



Ilan Green (Green)


Circuit Bending: Build, Play, Info, Etc.

Alon Levin



Ofer 'schoolmaster' Tal

apples, radiotrip

* vinyl, old music, strange genres, people

Gideon Vinitzky


Internet experience  and human behavior

Daria Shualy


Fashionable interpretations to music, audioable fashion, singing

Avichai Levy


Composing, improvising, creating music with other people, playing keyboard and sax

Tal Chalozin


music/technology camp in the spirit of Kinnernet

Ran Slavin


Sound, Digital Video and whats in between, improvisation, people, new stuff in general

Hilit Rosental


computer music creation, music for games and movies, moving sound and video, new inventions and small but brilliant ideas.

Or Gedalia



Yaal Tevet


sound and space

Maya Dunietz          



Raymond Haddad


Music  -  Studio A

Yarden Erez


music ,composing in real time, story telling

Nori Jacoby               


Music- Composition. Viola and electronics, Cobra prompter, brain and music research.

Markey Funk

 Agitação Popular

Music, vinyl, turntablism, analogue, history, people, experiments and experiences

Ziv Bar Ilan



Erez Shadach


 High quality sound reproduction through dipole transducers

Mel Rosenberg

Jazz Professor

Playing Sax, singing, dispensing good spirit

Yael Givon



Lior Navok



Philip Rantzer



Roni Bar



Oded Sharon     

Accordion Geek

playing together and building stuff

Amit Zoran

MIT Media Lab


Ofek Shilon



Roee Kremer


Animation, Visualization, Music

Amnon Dekel

Researcher & Artists 

Gesture based music generation on Mobile Phones

Amit Shafrir

 Village Idiot


Roi Silberberg


Creating a setup for dialogue

Yaron Haklai     


Listening, playing and talking Music

Oded Salomon


Robotics, complex simplicity inventions, listen to music

Vitaly Sirota

Visual Music

Real life applications of computers, medical devices, biofeedback. Music visualization fan and developer from 70s.

Ronny Shubinsky


Jammin and connecting cables!

Gil Bohadana


Music & Ecology, Musical Public Parks, Acoustics, Flutes, Looping

Liron Meshulam



Imri Talgam



Gali Ross


Jungle music, Acid Jazz and anything else that makes you dance

 Dror Almog


 Any music

Eran Sachs

This. That. The Other.

a lot: NOISE!, Electroacoustics, networking, Sound-art (curating), Sound-art (installations), doom/dub, unpredictability: making sense of the uncotrolable, politics of sound



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