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Soft Room

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Create software related to Music



Dror Gill & Eliram Haklai


Play with the MuseNet Logo

Eliram Haklai


The Flow of Music, Internet and Technology

Gideon Vinitzky



Eliram Haklai


MoGMI: Mobile Gesture Based Music Instrument

Amnon Dekel and Gilly Dekel

We will be showing a working demo of a gesture based music instrument that runs on a Nokia N95

We will discuss mapping models between physical gestures and music making.


Musical Wiimote

Oded Sharon

Use the wiimote and infrared leds to create music.


How to compete head-to-head with Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's Windows Media Player and reach over 70 Million monthly users on Winamp - OR

How to deal with the Major Music Labels and survive

amit shafrir

I can talk about one of the above subjects (whatever the audience prefers)


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